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Paul Thurlow |
Thanks to Midlands branch for running the weekend workshop with John Nevans and Scott Niven; great stuff!
Paul Thurlow (Drums), West Mids Fire Service PB.
9 March 2010 - Birmingham

Robert Walters |
Really good day at the contest , the venue was supurb, no more muddy feet when it rains.
22 June 2009 - Wirral Pipe Band

Paul R. Swift, Chief Steward |
To all the bands who took part in the 2009 Birmingham Pipe Band Contest, thanks for making my job an easy task by being ready at the times requested to compete. I hope to see some of you at Hounslow on Sunday 5 July and of course at Ashbourne on the 19 July.

Cheers, Paul R. Swift
21 June 2009 - Nottingham UK

Ashbourne and District |
A quick note to thank the Branch once again for sponsoring a fantastic Ty Fry tenor drumming seminar in Beeston yesterday. Everyone benefitted from Tylers enthusiasm and 'energetic learning style' - how does he do it! Well we couldn't without the generosity of our branch, so thanks once again.

Watch out for the 'flourishing' bass;-)
Dad and the lads
19 October 2008 - East Midlands

Lynn |
Much better site then the London & South East Branch site!!
Well Done
3 May 2008 - London

Anthea Hannah - NPPB |
Yet again Tyler put us through our paces. Another great achievemant from the midlands branch for organising such an educating and fun weekend. Great to meet new people and catch up with all after the season is finished. Oh yeah and we learnt new flourishes. Good Job guys THANK YOU!
25 October 2007 - Nottingham

Dad, James, Dave and Sam |
A great weekend, which we all thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from. Good to meet Tyler Fry, what a blast! Thanks for organising it.
24 October 2007 - Ashbourne and District

Just to thank you for inviting us to the Tyler Fry weekend. What a lovely man. That was the first time we have met him and we hope not the last. If you do the same next year let us know. Thanks again.
23 October 2007 - Wirral Pipe Band

Lewis Soult
Would just like to say a big thanks for oragnising the tenor/bass course with Tyler Fry it was excellent. I have really benefitted from it. Thanks a lot, and a big thanks to Tyler!
22 October 2007 - Ashbourne & District

Tony Riddell
Hi Diane
Thanks to you and whoever else was responsible for organising it (Tyler Fry course).
Good Job
Thoroughly enjoyed it.
22 October 2007 - West Midlands Police Pipe Band

Eddie |
Many thanks from the Triumph RBL pipe band, good venue we enjoyed the day and look forward to returning next year
18 July 2007 - Coventry

Allan Wiggam
Everything from the car parking to food & beer availability was spot on. A well run competition and nice to have it in such a great place.
Thanks again for a very well organised day.
6 July 2007 - Welsh Piping Society

Kevin Brown - Head of Events
I would just like to take this opportunity of thanking you and your association for such a wonderful Pipe Band Championships on 1st July 2007.
The integration of the Veterans Parade was perfect and gave a fitting tribute to the City's veterans.
The plan worked very well and the salute to the Veterans with the Advance and Retire was truly memorable.
We very much look forward to working with you on future occasions.
Please pass on all our thanks to those concerned.
5 July 2007 - Birmingham City Council

Thanks very much. We all enjoyed the competition and taking part in the massed bands.
5 July 2007 - Shirley Pipe Band

Diane Anderson
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the bands that attended the Birmingham Contest. After reading the feedbacks I have received it certainly appears to have been a great success. This could not have happened without you, THE BANDS. I would also like to thank everyone involved including the people behind the scenes who did all the running about, before and on the day. It certainly turned out to be a brilliant venue, and the atmosphere was unbelievable. Dry eyes were few as the bands led the veterans down Broad Street and into Centenary Square at the end of the day. I hope to see you all back again next year and letís hope once word gets round we just might see a few more entries. THANK YOU.
3 July 2007 - RSPBA Midlands Branch

Centenary Square - Birmingham. What a venue for a Pipe Band Contest - nothing else like it in England! A great atmosphere which even the rain couldn't dampen. Well done to everyone involved. Roll on next year!!!
3 July 2007 - Wolverhampton Pipe Band

It was a great day yesterday and I really enjoyed it.
2 July 2007 - Birmingham Irish Pipe Band

I thought yesterday went very well, we even managed to miss the showers. I wan't too sure about the venue before-hand, but on arrival I was more than pleased. Please put my name on the list for next year. I will certainly do my best to encourage other bands to attend.
2 July 2007 - Greater Manchester Fire Service

Thanks for the summaries. The band had a very enjoyable day and it was good to see you all again. Thanks once again and look forward to seeing you next time.
2 July 2007 - Henderson Caledonian

Robin Whyte
Many thanks for the competition yesterday. Please pass on our congratulations for the event to David Frith and all other who were involved in its organisation. Tony Doherty liked the venue, so it is very likely we'll be back.
2 July 2007 - University of Befordshire

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